General terms and conditions

Business conditions

The accommodation includes:

A) A stationary caravan with an awning and appropriate fixtures

B) A mobile home with appropriate fixtures

The accommodation can only be used by those individuals listed in the hire contract.

Hire price:

The hire price does not include resort taxes and any other registration fees or other campsite charges (e.g. for dogs) except where stated otherwise in the catalogue!

Changes to bookings:

A charge of € 15,- will be added to any booking modifications. The duration of the stay cannot be changed when modifying a booking. Bookings may only be changed within the year the booking was originally made for. In the event that a stay is shortened, the terms of cancellation will apply.

Handover of accommodation:

The accommodation will be available for occupation from 16.00 local time. The tenant is obliged to treat the accommodation with care and in accordance with the regulations. When leaving the caravan/home, precautions should be taken to protect against a storm (close windows, doors and awning, secure entrance with stones). The awning fixtures (tent pets and cords etc) should also be checked to ensure they can resist a storm.


The accommodation must be vacated by 10.00 (morning) local time.

Water canisters and waste water buckets should be emptied; crockery should be washed up and put away; rubbish should be disposed of; the accommodation should be locked up and any tables, chairs and parasols left as they were found upon arrival; the awning should be closed and the key handed back.

Campsite rules:

Tenants are contractually bound by the relevant campsite rules. Contravening these campsite regulations may lead to a dismissal from the site. In this case, no claims can be lodged against the landlord. The landlord is not responsible for any issues which affect the campsite and which he/she is unable to influence. Furthermore, no legal claims can be made against the landlord in relation to the location, size or condition of the pitch as these details may only be agreed with the campsite. The hire contract provides for one car parking space (not suitable for camping vehicles). The parking space will not necessarily be alongside the accommodation. The car parking space will be allocated by the campsite in this case. Tents of any kind may not be erected on the campsite pitch.


Parts of the tent may not be detached and storm protection must not be removed.


The landlord holds part insurance cover for the accommodation. The tenant is liable for the excess (according to hire contract) of any damages he/she has caused. The landlord is not liable for personal items or cars/bikes etc owned by the tenant (e.g. in the case of theft or natural hazards).


The landlord must be informed immediately in the event of an accident of any kind. The names of any witnesses must also be established. The tenant is not entitled to anticipate the decision of the landlord and insurance company by acknowledging the claim made by the aggrieved party. The landlord is not responsible for collecting the tenant.

Subletting of the accommodation to a third party is not permitted.

Cancellation by landlord:

If the accommodation is no longer available through no fault of the landlord (e.g. disaster, storm damage, damage caused by previous tenant etc), the landlord is entitled to offer the tenant replacement accommodation of the same size, for the agreed rent and over the same period or to withdraw from the agreed hire contract. All advance payments made will be reimbursed by the landlord in this case. However, the tenant may not claim compensation from the landlord in such a case.

Should the landlord no longer be able to meet the terms of the hire contract due to political or legal changes in the country of hire or due to a breach of contract by a relevant partner, the landlord is not liable.

Delayed return of accommodation:

If the tenant does not return the accommodation by the time agreed, without discussing this with the landlord in advance, a surcharge of 100% of the rent cost will be charged for any additional time. The tenant also agrees to indemnify and release the landlord from liability for any compensation claims in respect of claims made by subsequent tenants.

Curtailment of travel:

Please report to your landlord representative on-site immediately. Only valid with cancellation insurance: In the case of an illness/accident, a detailed doctor’s certificate/accident report must be obtained from the holiday resort. Conditions also apply in the event of a late arrival.


In the event of gross deficiencies to the rented accommodation such that reasonable use of the accommodation is not possible in the view of the tenant, this must be reported to the landlord’s representative directly and immediately or else the landlord must be informed in person by telephone. Complaints must always be made in writing in the handover record on-site. Complaints made after use of the accommodation will not be recognized.

Criminal law, customs law:

The landlord is not liable for any legal or customs-related infringements on the part of the tenant.


The landlord is not responsible for any improper actions on the part of the tenant.


If a tenant cancels the hire contract for reasons covered by travel cancellation insurance and travel cancellation insurance has been taken out, a processing fee of € 37 will be charged and the tenant will be reimbursed for any money already paid. If no travel cancellation insurance has been taken out, the following cancellation terms come into effect:

• Cancellation up to 60 days before start of agreed rental period: 20 % of rent

• Cancellation up to 30 days before start of agreed rental period: 50 % of rent

• Cancellation from the 29th day before start of agreed rental period: 90 % of rent

We recommend that you take out travel cancellation insurance

Terms of payment:

A deposit of 20% of the total sum must be received within 14 days. Only once the deposit has been received is the hire contract deemed to be valid. If no deposit is received, the contract will be automatically cancelled af ter 14 days. The remainder of the payment must be paid 5 weeks before the arrival date at the very latest.

In case of short-term reservations, the total amount will have to be paid once the tenancy contract has been sent.

Fee collecting:

The landlord is responsible for collecting fees in accordance with the contract.

The district court of Liezen is responsible in the event of any disputes arising from this contract.